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Developments this unique attract a lot of attention and also questions, after all there is nothing else like The Villages in France. Here we aim to answer all of the frequently asked questions our clients are asking.


That is your private choice. However, we strongly advise that you follow the recommendation of many Embassies and Business Organizations:

“If acquiring real estate or doing business in another country, only appoint legal and/or tax specialists licensed and professionally insured in that country; who speak your language fluently and who will supply all documentation legally translated into your language. Then, if there is an “error”, you will be “covered”. Using legal and tax people in your own country that state “they know the other country’s laws” may well prove “expensive”.


YES – but only to + 50’s and no children.
Important: The “Village” hotel will rent out for you, however, they do not offer “rental guarantees”. Also there are many agents in area who offer rental services; plus a multitude of web “portals” for the lucrative “private” market. The “Village” hotel & services dept. can arrange “changeover”; cleaning; welcome packs etc., whoever rents out.

Can properties be selected 'sur plan' (off plan)?

All properties will be offered on a first come first served basis.

Which Village is best for me?

This is dependant on your interests and where in France you would love to live...

Are medical facilities provided?

Definitely Not! The Villages are meant for active living. But you do have the full French medical system close by!
France also has some of the best medical facilities in the world, for more information click here.

Can We Have Pets at the "Village"?

Only small pets are allowed in the "Village" and are the sole responsibility of their owners for damage that could be caused because of them.


The Unique Way to Finance your Retirement.

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