The Villages Group


Danny Silver, (who started in real estate marketing in 1974), first saw the “Villages” in Florida some 15 years ago as a close business associate & family friend was one of the founders – and lives there. For years he saw the growth of the “Villages” and expansion of other “Villages” and the “active lifestyle” concept thru-out the USA.

Living in France since 1997, (his wife is French), he thought for many years to bring the concept to France. He approached 5 of the major French developers between 2005 and 2008 about bringing “Villages” to France - and was rebuffed as “not their style” – too “Anglo-Saxon”! Then in late 2008, an architect friend told him of a “Lake” and land for sale near Bordeaux and after visiting “fell in love” with the property. He thought that this would be an ideal “Village” but, although told that it would be ok to build a “Village” there, it would have to be a 2 year study so as not to “destroy” the local fauna & flora as it is an EU “Natura 2000” site. (That has now been achieved and in “permit” stage).

Then in late 2009 at dinner with 4 real estate and business friends he told them about the “Lake” – they immediately decided to “launch” the “The Villages” in France themselves. All 5 “partners” are between 52 and 65 years of age; come from UK; France & Sth. Africa; all love France and love “active” lifestyles.

They agreed on four major points:

  1. All “Villages” must be part of local community – not just “stuck” in the country
  2. Each “Village” should be located in places of natural beauty.
  3. Each “Village” will have a “theme” – “Lake”; Vineyard; Equestrian etc.
  4. Each “Village” should be very affordable to be a member of; live in and enjoy.

They have kept to the 4 points and have taken care and time to acquire the best sites – and are now ready to market their first “Villages”.

Will the Group partners ALL live at a “Village”? - as they All "qualify" age wise!? – definitely YES! Which “Village”; that is their individual “secret”!

The Partners

DANNY SILVER - Managing Partner & PAUL VINER – Deputy Managing Partner.

For their details please visit the team page.

Roselyne Genin

Born and raised in France, Roselyne owns real estate investment properties there as well as in the US. She is licensed in real estate in California.

Her academic credentials include a Diploma of Engineering from France’s Ecole Polytechnique Feminine, an MS in Physics from SDSU and a Master of Science in Management from MIT where she was a Sloan Fellow. Roselyne lives in San Francisco.

Paul Graveling

Paul graduated as a Civil Engineer and spent 15 years in the construction industry, including 3 years in the Middle East. He built and established a children's day nursery with his wife Samantha in 1994, which has grown to a small group of 5 nurseries.

He also has a small building company and is a property investor. He lives in Loughborough, UK with his family and "thinks" he can play golf!

Rod Fetting

Rod was a professional engineer in South Africa and sold high tech electronics for many years before moving to Florida 10 years ago.

A property investor with investments in France; USA and other countries; he also has a Florida real state licence.